Rotary Shear Flying Shear Coil Cut To Length Line

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TGMCO
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price USD 150,000-300,000
Packaging Details Wood
Delivery Time 90 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 100 sets per year
Product Details
Thickness 0.3-20mm Width 400-2000mm
Leveling Speed Max. 100m/min Contro System PLC
High Light

mini cut to length line


cut to length strapping machines


steel coil cutting machinery

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Product Description


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A flat sheet of material is not actually produced by steel mill as a flat sheet. In reality, a flat sheet of material starts its life as part of a coil of material. A Cut-To-Length Line will uncoil the material, level it, and then cut it to the required length and stack it. The end product produced by a Cut-To-Length Line is a flat sheet of material cut to a very precise length tolerance. When considering a Cut-To-Length and the proper line configuration for your application, there are several variables you should consider: the thickness of material, the type of material, length of the sheets to be produced, as well as annual volume to be processed all influence the line configuration and capabilities required for a successful installation.


Rotary Shear Flying Shear Coil Cut To Length Line 0


Rotary Shear Flying Shear Coil Cut To Length Line 1


Technical process

1: Coil saddle
2: Loading car
3: Hydraulic cantilever arm uncoil + hydraulic support
4: Guiding plat for feeding device
5: Pinch and 4-hi leveling machine
6: Loop
7: Side guiding & deviation correcting device
8: Pinch & 5 roller fine leveler
9: Pneumatic shearing machine
10: Belt conveyor
11: Pnumatic discharging frame
12: X type lifting table
13: Unloading car
14: Hydraulic system
15: Pneumatic system
16: Electrical control system


Rotary Shear Flying Shear Coil Cut To Length Line 2

Light Duty Cut to length Machine Line

Model 0.3-2.0×800 0.3-2.0×1250 0.5-3.0×1250(1600)
Coil Material δs≤230N/mm2, Cold-rolled Coil, Stainless Steel Coil, Galvanized Coil
Coil Thickness 0.3~2.0mm 0.3~2.0mm 0.5~3.0mm
Coil Width 300~800mm 800~1250mm 800~1250mm(1600mm)
Coil Weight ≤10 tons ≤20 tons ≤20(25) tons
Coil ID ф508mm ф508mm ф508mm(ф610mm)
Coil OD ≤ф1800mm ≤ф1800mm ≤ф1800mm
Cutting length 300~3000mm 300~4000mm 300~4000mm
Cutting Accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Line Speed 0~100m/min 0~100m/min 0~100m/min
Control System PLC PLC PLC


Heavy Duty Cut to length Machine Line

Model 1-6×1600 3-12×2000 4-16×2100 8-25×2300
Coil Material δs≤230N/mm2, Hot-rolled Coil, Stainless Steel Coil
Coil Thickness 1.0~6.0mm 3.0~12.0mm 4.0~16.0mm 8.0~25.0mm
Coil Width 800~1600mm 800~2000mm 1000~2100mm 1000~2300mm
Coil Weight ≤25 tons ≤25 tons ≤30 tons ≤40 tons
Coil ID ф508 & 610 & 760mm ф610~ф820mm ф610~ф820mm ф610~ф820mm
Coil OD ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2200mm
Cutting length 500~6000mm 500~12000mm 500~12000mm 500~12000mm
Cutting Accuracy ±1.0mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±2.0mm
Line Speed 0~35m/min 0~25m/min 0~25m/min 0~20m/min
Control System PLC PLC PLC PLC


High speed fly shear cut to length line

Model 0.25-2×1250 (1600) 0.5-2.5×1250 (1600)
Coil Material Copper coil, Aluminum coil, Stainless Coil, Galvanized Coil
Coil thickness 0.25~2mm 0.5~2.5mm
Coil width 300~1250mm(1600mm ) 300~1250mm(1600mm )
Coil weight ≤20T (25T) ≤20T (25T)
Coil ID φ508mm φ508mm
Coil OD ≤φ1800mm ≤φ1800mm
Cutting Accuracy ≤±0.5mm ≤±0.5mm
Line Speed 70~100m/min 70~100m/min
Electrical Control System PLC PLC


Pickling coil Cut to length line

Model 1.0-6.0×1250 1.0-6.0×1600 (1800) 1.0-6.0×2000
Coil material Pickling coil
Coil thickness 1.0~6.0mm 1.0~6.0mm 1.0~6.0mm
Coil width 500~1250mm 500~1600mm(1800mm) 500~2000mm
Coil weight ≤20T ≤25T (28T) ≤30T
Coil ID ф508 ф610 ф760mm ф508 ф610 ф760mm ф508 ф610 ф760mm
Coil OD ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm
Length range 750~6000mm 750~6000mm 750~6000mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Line speed 0~60m/min 0~60m/min 0~60m/min
Electrical control PLC PLC PLC