Reliable Galvanized Steel High Speed Customized Slitter Line

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TGMCO
Model Number 4.0-16.0MM
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price USD 80000-200000
Packaging Details wood
Delivery Time 60-90days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 50 sets per year
Product Details
Name Slitting Line Coil Material Common Carbon Steel
Coil Thickness 0.5-4.0mm Coil Width 450-1500MM
High Light

automatic cut to length machine 4.0 to 16mm


coil cut to length machine 4.0 To 16mm


automatic wire cut to length machine 4.0 To 16mm

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Product Description


Our slitting lines are divides into three series (7 models in total) for customers to choose from in order to meet their specific needs.

Three models for thin coiled steel slitting line:
(0.4-2.0)mmx1250mm Slitting Line
(0.5-3.0)mmx1300mm Slitting Line
(0.6-4.0)mmx1600mm Slitting Line
Three models for medium thick coiled steel slitting line:
(1.0-6.0) mm×1600mm Slitting Line
(2.0-8.0) mm×1800mm Slitting Line
(3.0-10.0) mm×2000mm Slitting Line
Thick coiled steel slitting line:
(4.0-16.0) mm×2200mm Slitting Line



(4.0- 16.0)mm×2200mm Slitting Line
This thick plate slitting line, also called a metal coil slitter, is used to slit thick steel master coil into smaller baby coils. The thick coil slitting line is composed of a coil-loading car, double mandrel big-load uncoiler, portal style coil-head guide, press and shovel equipment, double roller pinching feeder, five-roller leveler, end-cutter, roll table, central aligner, disc slitter, scrap winder, coil accumulator, pre-separator & tensioner, portal style coils-separator and presser, recoiler, coil unloading car, hydraulic control system, and electric control system.

Different model capacities:
Strip thickness: (3~12) mm, (4-16) mm, (5~20) mm; Strip width: 500-1800mm, 800~2000mm or 1000~2200mm.


Technical Procedures

Coil-loading → Double-mandrel uncoiling → Coil-end-feeding & shoveling → Double-roller pinch feeding/five-roller leveling → End-cutting → Coil Accumulator 1 → Strip-aligning → Disk shearing → Scrap reeling → Coil Accumulator 2 → Pre-separator / Tensioner → Separating, Recoiling → Coil-discharging → Hydraulic control → Electric control



Technical Parameters

Raw Material Hot/Cold formed steel, Galvanized steel, ST37, ST52, S235, S355
Yield Strength ≦ 235MPa
Material Thickness 3.0~20.0mm
Slitting Width 800~2200mm
Slitting Motor 200KW DC Motor
Cutter Shaft 360 x 2250mm
Slitting Strip Max.20 strips
Recoiler Motor 250kW DC
Line Speed Max.40m/min
Coil Weight 40,000kg
Min. Slit Width 100mm


Listed Models


Thickness Width Weight Slit Width Max. Slitting Speed
ZJ-12 x 1800 3-12mm 600-1800mm ≦ 35T ≧ 60mm 50m/min
ZJ-16 x 2200 4-16mm 800-2200mm ≦ 40T ≧ 100mm 40m/min
ZJ-20 x 2000 5-20mm 800-2000mm ≦ 40T ≧ 100mm 30m/min


Reliable Galvanized Steel High Speed Customized Slitter Line 0

Reliable Galvanized Steel High Speed Customized Slitter Line 1







Each production line is strictly designed and made according to customer requirements, so that we are able to provide the best fit for every customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Advantages & Characteristics
Each production line (thin sheet slitting line) is designed and made in strict accordance with customer requirements, guaranteeing that each metal coil slitter is compact, smooth, solid, and easy to operate.
When light steel coil is loaded, traditionally, a single mandrel (cantilever) uncoiler is used in the metal coil slitter. When the coil weight is roughly 25 tons, users need to use a double mandrel uncoiler for the coil slitting machine.
Customers usually need narrow thin strips with a high slitting precision. We pay strict attention to centerline control, precision control of slitting accessories, recoiling precision control and other parameters to ensure the slitting precision, even at thin thickness levels.
When stainless steel, galvanized steel, and colored steel coils are processed, we take numerous measures to protect the sheet surface, including the use of rubber rollers, and smooth transmission plates.
We have a significant advantage in the use of hydraulic system designs and production for thin sheet slitting lines.
We always choose renowned suppliers for hydraulic parts, motors, speed reducers, and electric parts. We also purchase all these parts according to specific customer requirements for the metal coil slitters.
We strictly control each step of the production process, from material purchasing, to welding, machining, hardening & grinding, assembly, all the way to painting. This ensures the final, perfect quality of all metal coil slitters we produce.
We supply the same quality coil slitting machine as our competitors, but at more cost-effective prices due to our outstanding production cost management procedures.
AC motor or DC motor drives are freely chosen by our customers. We typically use a DC motor and Eurotherm 590 DC driver due to the number of advantages, including a stable operation and large torque.
Safe operation is guaranteed thanks to the clear instructions on the thin sheet slitting line, as well as safety devices such as an emergency stop.