Metal Slitter Slitting Line 0.5- 4 x 1600mm

Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
Brand Name TGMCO
Certification SGS
Model Number 0.5~4x1600
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $200000-$250000/set
Packaging Details Export standard sea package with film and steel, other spare parts and some small parts are packed in plywood box
Delivery Time 4 months after receipt of down payment
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 100 sets per year
Product Details
Name Steel Slitting Line Coil Material Stainless Steel, Common Carbon Steel
Coil Thickness 0.5~4mm Coil Width 450~1600mm
Inside Diameter Φ508mm, Φ610mm, Φ760mm Max. Outside Diameter Φ1500mm
Max. Weight 20,000kg Line Speed 0-100m/min
Slitting Number 4mm Pcs(max) Final Production Width 80mm(min)
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rotary shear cut to length line machine 0.5-4x1500mm


coil shearing machine 0.5-4x1500mm


cut to length shearing machine

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Product Description

0.5~4x1500mm​ Precision Slitting Line


I. Basic technical parameters of coil

  1. Coil material: Stainless steel, common carbon steel and others
  2. Coil thickness: 0.5~4mm
  3. Coil width: 450~1600mm
  4. Inside diameter: Φ508mm, Φ610mm, Φ760mm
  5. Max. outside diameter: Φ1500mm
  6. Max. weight:20,000kg
  7. line speed:0-100m/min
  8. Slitting number: 4mm pcs (max)
  9. Final production width: 80mm(min)


II. Process

Charging wagon Double-load uncoiler traction, pressure and shovel head double-roll feeding plate shears correction slitting shears winding waste wire loop pre-distribution &tensioning machine winding machine discharging wagon hydraulic control electrical control


III. Main technical specifications about unit:

1. Charging wagon:

1.1 Structure and type: welded steel structure piece in four-wheels type

1.2 Component driving forward-backward movement: Hydraulic Motor, BM3-395

1.3 Component driving up-down action: hydraulic cylinderΦ200x750mm

1.4 Max. load: 20,000kg


2. Double-load uncoiler

2.1 Type: Bidirectional Moving-up Type

2.2 Type of expansion drum: inclined slide block driven by oil cylinder, radial expansion

2.3 inward expansion size: Φ460~Φ515mm,Φ550~615mm,Φ710~Φ765mm

2.4 Size of expansion cylinder: Φ160x100mm

2.5 Component driving to travel: Φ125x950mm hydraulic cylinder


3. Traction, pressure and shovel head

3.1 Structure of traction head carrier: welded steel-sheet structure piece, pressed down directly by hydraulic cylinder transmission

3.2 Cylinder size: Φ80x500mm, two

3.3 Size of pressure head cylinder: Φ80x400mm

3.4 Type of traction wheel: Φ300x600mm, covered with nitrile rubber

3.5 Component driving traction: lantern cycloid motor, 4KW

3.6 Structure of shovel head: welded iron-sheet structure piece

3.7 Form: tongue lifting, small tongue extension

3.8 Component driving up-down action: hydraulic cylinder Φ100x400mm

3.9 Component driving extension: hydraulic cylinder Φ63x400mm


4. Feeding machine:

4.1 Structure and type of carriage: double pinch roll, welded steel-sheet structure piece

4.2 Size of feed roll: Φ200x1600mm

4.3 Material of feed roll: 40Cr, medium-frequency quenching

4.4 Pressure component: hydraulic cylinderΦ80x100mm 2pcs

4.5 Component driving feed: lantern cycloid motor, 5.5KW


5. Plate shears: one hydraulic plate shears 4x1600mm


6. Correction:

6.1 Structure and form of carriage: vertical-roll limit, double-roll feeding, welded steel-sheet structure piece

6.2 Specification of vertical-roll: Φ120x125mm, 2suits, high-frequency quenching

6.3 Specification of holding roll: Φ150x1600mm, chrome-plated

6.4 Component driving holding roll up and down: hydraulic cylinder Φ80x100mm

6.5 Force driving correction: dual-face screw mandrel with one side motor control

6.6 Correction range:600~1550mm


7. Shearer

7.1 Structure: ruin-type rotary shears, swift shears replacement by ruin movement

7.2 Size of shear shaft: Φ230x1600mm (shears holder)

7.3 Material of shear shaft: 40Cr, medium-frequency quenching

7.4 Size of rotary shears: Φ350xΦ230

7.5 Material of rotary knife: H13, quenching hardness HRC56~58°

7.6 Classified cutting number: 25pcs

7.7 Transmission component of shears: DC 110KW with speed-reducer, distribution box and universal joint

7.8 DC motor controller: Eurotherm 590 control panel (British)

7.9 Transmission component of shears press-down: lantern cycloid motor with worm box, 2.2KW

7.10 Shearing speed: 0~100m/min adjustable


8. Winding waste wire:

8.1 Winding type: twin-face winding, winding displacement

8.2 Size of winding reel: Φ450x350mm

8.3 Driving force of winding reel: Perform transmission on both faces respectively with 4kw AC speed-control motor. Slippage by friction disc

8.4 Discharge type: contraction of winding reel by hydraulic cylinder

8.5 Winding displacement: reciprocating motion of creel stand by hydraulic cylinder


9. Loop

9.1 Type: cement-poured, twin-face flap table

9.2 Loop size: 5m x 2m x 3m (LxWxH)

9.3 Flap structure: welded angle steel with sliding rolls on the both ends and covered with plastic board

9.4 Flap motion: up-down motion of Φ80x750mm hydraulic cylinder


10. Pre-distribution &tensioning machine:

10.1 Size of pre-distribution shaft: Φ95x1600mm

10.2 Size of pre-distribution plate: Φ250x5mm

10.3 Material of pre-distribution plate: 65Mn, quenching treatment

10.4 Up-down motion of pre-distribution shaft: driven by hydraulic cylinder Φ75x100mm

10.5 Type of tensioning machine: ruin-type beam hold-down with blanketing and wooden board between upper and below beams

10.6 Component driving press-down: hydraulic cylinder Φ100x100mm. Pressure meter is required upon pressure adjustment.

10.7 Size of balancing length-measurement roll: Φ200x1600mm, chrome-plated


11. Winding machine

11.1 Structure: transmission by gear box, expansion of dovetail inclined sliding block, arrow-type block clamping coil end

11.2 Size of winding shaft: Φ230x1600mm (dimension at the winding block)

11.3 Size of winding block: Φ508x1600mm

11.4 Expansion diameter of winding block: Φ550~Φ610mm

11.5 Component driving expansion: inclined sliding block driven by hydraulic cylinder, Φ160x100mm

11.6 Structure of winding-coil support: steel structure

11.7 Component driving support: hydraulic cylinder, Φ80x350mm

11.8 Component driving winding: 160kw DC motor

11.9 Motor controller: Eurotherm 590 control panel (British)

11.10 Winding speed: 0~100m/min adjustable

11.11 Winding weight max.: 10,000kg


12. Press-down and distribution feed:

12.1 Shaft size: Φ95x1600mm

12.2 Size of distribution plate: Φ250x5mm

12.3 Material of distribution plate: 65Mn quenching treatment

12.4 Up-down motion of shaft: hydraulic cylinder Φ80x300mm, adjustable pressure


13. Discharging wagon:

13.1 Structure and form: welded steel structure piece, four-wheel type

13.2 Transmission component: hydraulic motor BM3-395

13.3 Component driving up-down action: hydraulic cylinderΦ220x700mm

13.6 Max. load: 20000kg


14. Hydraulic control station, control valves and oil pipe one set


15. One electrical control cabinet, two operation cabinets, installed capacity in 300KW, on-site wires and cables.


16. Followings shall be prepared by buyer:

16.1 Main power switch, Live wire and cable, String line piping

16.2 Braking gas: Gas source Q=0.9m3/min, P=0.8MPa

16.3 Gear-box oil, hydraulic fluid

16.4 Fence.


IV. Provided documents:

Seller will provide operation instruction, assembly-line schematic drawing, wearing parts drawings, principle drawing of hydraulic system and electrical wiring drawings with delivered machines.


V. Warranty

Quality is inspected and accepted according to relevant state regulations.


VI. Payment

30% pre-payment shall be performed upon the effective date of contract. Pay off rest machine value upon machine acceptance.


VII. Delivery term, installation and commissioning:

Provide machine foundation drawing within 15days after receipt date of pre-payment in the Seller’s account. Ship finished machine within 150days. When the machine arrived at the destination, Seller shall dispatch the professional personnel for installation and commissioning. Period for installation and commissioning is defined 25days.


VIII. Shearing parts list of precision slitting shears

1. Rotary shears: D350xd230Xt20mm 20pos

Material:H13 Hardness: HRC57°~58°


2. Shears cushion: D279xd230mm

Thickness mm Qty. pos Thickness mm Qty. pos Thickness mm Qty. pos
1.0 15 1.8 15 10 20
1.1 15 2.0 15 20 20
1.2 15 3.0 15 30 20
1.3 15 5.0 15 40 20
1.5 15 6.0 15 50 20
1.6 15 8.0 15    

Tolerance for rotary shears and cushion: +0.00mm, -0.005mm Level of parallelism: 5‰


3. Rubber ring:

Description Qty. Color
D350xd280xT20 /30/40mm 15pos for different thickness Black
D346xd280xT20 /30/40mm 15pos for different thickness Black
D342xd280xT20 /30/40mm 15pos for different thickness Black


4. Division plate: D250xd95xT5mm Material: 65Mn 40pos


5. Division pad: D125xd95mm Material: Nylon 300pos

Thickness mm Qty. pos Thickness mm Qty. pos Thickness mm Qty. pos
10 20 15 20 20 20
11 20 16 20 30 20
12 20 17 20 40 20
13 20 18 20 50 20
14 20 19 20 100 20